Chin Sin Huan 振新园 at Republic Plaza

Chin Sin Huan 振新园



Republic Plaza

9 Raffles Pl, Republic Plaza

Singapore 048619

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Food & Beverage


Chin Sin Huan 振新园, a name steeped in rich familial history, was first established by our grandfather as a humble coffee shop.

Here, he not only served aromatic coffee and toast, but also passed on the intricate art of making pau to our father.

The name itself, 振新园 (zhèn xīn yúan), carries profound meaning: 振, to stir oneself into action; 新, representing fresh, innovative ideas; 园, a garden or orchard symbolising growth and abundance.

As the new generation, we are committed to preserving this tradition of crafting handmade pau, infusing fresh ingredients with innovative ideas, while upholding the same work ethic that has been part of our family for generations.

Our goal is to ensure that high-quality, handmade pau continues to be accessible to everyone, honouring our heritage while embracing the future.