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Bullarum Gifts is more than a gift shop.

It is a place to start new traditions and memories with your family and friends.

The family behind Bullarum created their first ornaments in 1918 and they had a goal to bring people closer and make them smile.

The tradition was continued with love and originality, hence, making each ornament a work of art.

The workshop is based in the mountains of Bohemia, Czech Republic.

With a dedicated and talented team, consisting of mostly women, they are skilled in glassblowing and painting.

Each ornament and candle holder is handcrafted by using centuries old process, with each ornament being produced in 5 days.

Clear tempered glass from Germany is used.

This results in the ornaments being solid and heavy and being less likely to break.

The glass is then either free-blown or mould-blown, using clay moulds which dates back to 1922.

At every step of the process, the team inspects every ornament to ensure that they are made according to the highest standards.

Every ornament made entirely by hand, hence, limited numbers are produced each time.

This also ensures that each ornament receives exquisite attention to details and small personal touches are added to define each individual luxury ornament.

Some of the ornaments are decorated with custom feathers, crystals and beads which are all sourced from the finest European craftsmen.

It is these small touches that create the charming variations in each ornament.

No two ornaments are ever exactly alike and this adds to the uniqueness of your special keepsake.

A new collection is designed and produced every year and to commemorate special events and occasions.

They are suitable to be given as gifts or keepsakes.

Bullarum Gifts ornaments creates precious memories.

They are the perfect gift for all.

Create your own traditions.