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Welcome to Cultured Watch, a curated selection of the most exceptional and intriguing manifestation of time-keeping innovations from around the world.

As purveyors of fine watches, we are proud to bring you an anthology of tomorrow's desires through Independent Watchmaking.

Established in Singapore, Cultured represents four prominent independent brands - Konstantin Chaykin, Singer Reimagined, Ophion and L'Epee 1839. We are dedicated to discovering and showcasing brands that have a rich and unique story of their own, while remaining a strong advocate of quality and accuracy in the traditional aspects of watchmaking.

Our commitment to innovative and creative aesthetical appeal, and the use of materials, ensures that each watch we offer is not just a timepiece but also a work of art.

At Cultured Watch, we are advocates of independent watchmaking. For us, it's more than just watchmaking ingenuity. As CoFounder, Nelson Lee, puts it: "Cultured is a stage for brands."

Our mission is to seek out hidden gems among the global fraternity of Independent Watchmaking and make these modern collectible timepieces and clocks accessible through our strength in retail and distribution.

We represent brands that are either beginning to gain a foothold in the international watchmaking industry or are century-old maisons that are not justly recognized in Asia.

Our passion for watchmaking and bringing forth great work of horology to an increasingly appreciative market brings us great pleasure and fulfillment.

At Cultured, we envision a retail concept that transforms traditional watch retail and distribution models. Our aim is to redefine lifestyle and create a Cultured persona with watches and the watch collecting culture in its entirety.

We believe that our curated selection of timepieces is not just a statement of style but also a reflection of one's personality and individuality.

We invite you to join us on this journey of discovering and experiencing the best of independent watchmaking. Watch Collecting for the Cultured.

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