London Fat Duck

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Scotts Square

6 Scotts Rd

Singapore 228209

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Opening Hours

Monday to Friday

11:30am - 9pm

Saturday to Sunday

11am - 9pm




A nostalgic Hong Kong restaurant setting with a modern touch, London Fat Duck, is a Chinese restaurant specialising in roast duck and other Hong Kong delights.

Using only a special breed of ducks from Ireland, their signature roast duck dish is prepared using a multi-generational heritage recipe, together with a modern cooking technique, where humidity, air flow, temperature and drying are controlled meticulously.

The result is a tender and juicy poultry delight with flavourful, crispy skin.

London Fat Duck was established in 2014 and has since become a popular dining spot.

The restaurant's interior is designed to provide an elegant and comfortable dining experience.

The staff is professional and friendly, providing a welcoming atmosphere for all customers.

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