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“We are V-ZUG”, with roots that lie at the very heart of Switzerland – both from an ideological point of view as well as a geographical one.

Over the course of their 100-year history, the distinctive features of their country have merged with the ideals of their company.

Today, they proudly call out to this heritage in their company name, where “V” stands for their history as a galvanising plant (Verzinkerei in German) and “ZUG” for their commitment to the Zug region, and to Switzerland.

They have made it their mission to make everyday life easier through their high-quality, innovative household appliances.

Whether it is cooking, washing dishes or doing laundry, people who expect their appliances to deliver more than just the basics need not look further.

As the Swiss market leader, they live by its Swiss values – and make it possible for people all over the world to experience these with simple, individual solutions that provide lifelong inspiration and delight.

This is what they meant by “Swiss Perfection for Your Home”.

Their understanding of quality is firmly anchored in the V-ZUG mission and vision and serves as the basis for their quality aspirations.

Traditional Swiss values such as sensitivity to quality, care, precision, safety, continuity, sustainability and friendliness are at the heart of everything they do.

Quality is understood as the foundation of their successful premium brand.

The quality policy is part of the management process and provides uncompromising support for V-ZUG’s organisation and its strategy.

It formed the basis of their quality objectives as well as the integrated management system.

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