#01-07 & 01-11

Shaw Centre

1 Scotts Rd

Singapore 228208

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Opening Hours


12am - 3pm, 6:30pm - 11pm


Food & Beverage


Led by Head Chef Issey Araki and Executive Chef Makoto Saito, Jinhonten is a tribute to the art of omakase.

Chef Issey Araki, hailing from the Kumamoto prefecture and with 15 years of experience in acclaimed kaiseki and kappo-style restaurants, takes his guests on a journey to discover the tradition of fine Japanese culinary craft.

The result is an immersive fine dining experience that transcends time and celebrates the essence of Japanese cuisine.

At the heart of Jinhonten's culinary philosophy lies the belief in allowing the natural flavours and freshness of the ingredients to shine.

Each dish on our thoughtfully curated omakase menu is a reflection of this philosophy and pays homage to the flavours of the season.

Our dedication to the art of omakase means that every guest is treated to a bespoke dining experience, guided by the expertise and intuition of our talented chefs.