Bud Cosmetics at Square 2

Bud Cosmetics



Square 2

10 Sinaran Dr

Singapore 307506

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Opening Hours


11am - 8:30pm


Hair / Beauty / Wellness


bud is a store dedicated to offering our customers organic, ethical and guilt-free beauty, indulgence and well-being! Founded by Eric Chew, who has had more than three years of experience in the Australian natural products industry, bud aims to offer customers peace of mind knowing the products at bud are safe and effective!

All our products are made from premium natural, certified organic, bio-dynamic and/or plant derived ingredients only.

We do NOT use harsh synthetic chemicals/detergents, artificial fragrances, thickeners, emulsifiers, petrochemicals and mineral oils.

All our ingredients are listed on our products and communicated in-store and online so that customers know exactly what they are using. Our products are also NOT tested on animals.