Caveman Food



Square 2

10 Sinaran Dr

Singapore 307506

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Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday

11am - 8:30pm


11am - 3:30pm


Food & Beverage, Light Bites & Food Kiosks


The idea of Caveman Diet is not new in Singapore. No one diet suits everybody and we are not going to debate over this.

At Caveman, we are keeping it to Paleo Diet or near to the originality of diet in the Palaeolithic era.

We aim to serve with a passion; home-away-kitchen dishes. So, take a day or two off from preparing base meats and veggies in your kitchen and tuck in with Paleo meal even at eating out. No artificial flavourings, no thick gravy, no sugars, no monosodium glutamate (MSG) and definitely no reused frying oils.

The way you will keep your meal original with different spices and flavourings at home.