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Opens shortly 11:00 AM

Square 2

Lot(s) 02-74

Daily from 10.00am till 10.00pm

Fashion & Accessories


In The Balance Company, we believe that a good life is built on a healthy body and a calm mind. Our mission is to provide tips, tools and inspirations for people to take better care of their bodies, starting from ergonomic shoes that promote good posture. Our walking and running shoes are one of a kind. They are designed to promote good posture and a natural spine alignment. Due to the innovative materials we use, our shoes have a stable arch support that does not collapse overtime unlike the memory foam ones in the market. The insoles also have acupressure massage points that would alleviate muscle strain as you walk hence you can walk for the whole day without having any foot pain. The shoes are also extremely lightweight and comfortable with a contemporary style that goes with any outfit. We are an innovative force in retail that's growing exponentially.