amps tea at Suntec City

amps tea


Atrium (Convention Centre), #02-312

Atrium (Convention Centre), Suntec City

3 Temasek Blvd

Singapore 038983

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At amps tea, our aim is to bring the timeless charm of traditional tea drinking into the modern world. We strive to bridge the gap between heritage and contemporary tastes, while simultaneously fostering a lifestyle that promotes health and wellness.

We are deeply committed to honouring the values that come from using only the most carefully selected ingredients. This commitment is reflected in every cup we serve, ensuring our customers experience the highest quality with each sip they take.

Our mission extends beyond just serving tea; we aspire to create an experience. We provide our customers with the opportunity to enjoy the finest brews at their convenience, striking a balance between affordability and quality assurance.

With Amps Tea, every tea session becomes more than just a drink. It transforms into a moment of connexion, a shared experience to be savoured with friends and family, a celebration of tradition meeting modernity.