Chagee 霸王茶姬 at Suntec City

Chagee 霸王茶姬

Permanently Closed

Atrium (Convention Centre), #02-312

Atrium (Convention Centre), Suntec City

3 Temasek Blvd

Singapore 038983

Opening Hours


10am - 10pm


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Brought to you by a team of passionate individuals with dreams of reviving the historic Chinese Tea Culture. They are honed with knowledge and essence in the art of tea culture dated thousands of years ago and are able to present the purest of premium brewed tea through these modern bustling city life.

The beautiful heritage of tea was facing the danger of being forgotten ever day, and so one day, a team of tea lovers decided the take on the mission of resuscitating and reintroducing the Chinese tea culture to the world – with a modern twist. And thus, BAWANGCHAJI was born.

Finding the perfect balance with all the ingredients has been the biggest challenge throughout the process in bringing a modern twist to the heritage of Chinese Tea without losing its uniqueness and natural taste. BaWangChaJi now offers Singaporeans a new experience in consuming Tie Guan Yin which was perceived as a traditional beverage with a common taste. Singaporeans can now create a new bond with Tie Guan Yin from BaWangChaJi as it will be available soon in All neighbourhoods.

Bringing you our signature four series of premium brewed tea beverages, Tea Macchiato Series (霸楚思慕), Fresh Milk Tea Series (王妃鲜茶), Premium Brew Tea Series (茶道纯粹) and Fresh Fruit Tea Series (姬美蔬果) with a range of specialty drinks under our Ice Drip Tea (冰滴茶), Cold Brew Tea (冷泡茶) and Creamy Temptations Milk Tea Series (奶油塔).