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Fun Toast



Tower 5, Suntec City

3 Temasek Blvd

Singapore 038983

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8am - 8pm


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Fun Toast (previously known as Kheng Nam Hong 琼南芳) was founded in 1941 by the grandfather-in-law of its current co-owner Ah Hian.

Although the original Hainanese Coffeehouse was modest in appearance, it offered well-brewed and fragrant coffee, tea and delicious crispy kaya toast – famous for its mouth-watering aroma which the customers could savour from afar. Indeed, it was a true testament to the last character of the original name, pronounced as “Hong” in Hainanese and translated as “Fragrance” in English.

During the early 90s, Kheng Nam Hong relocated to the Amoy Street hawker centre due to the government’s refurbishment project of Telok Ayer. In the spirit of carrying on the legacy, his son (Ah Hian’s father-in-law) took over the reins.

68 years later, this rich history of Kheng Nam Hong was shared and passed on to the third generation of traditional coffee aficionados. Ah Hian was deeply moved by the stories told by his father-in-law, and was inspired to preserve their tradition of Nanyang Coffee brewing. Motivated to continue this legacy, Ah Hian teamed up with his sworn-brother, Ah Yang, fulfilling a promise they once made years back. The pair took the entrepreneurial steps of Revitalizing, Re-innovating and Re-branding Kheng Nam Hong.

The reinvigorated traditional family Coffeehouse has now evolved into a Fun, Innovative and Uniquely Singapore Coffeehouse – moving ahead with time but always keeping in touch with the communities through delectable traditional Nanyang Food and Beverages.