sen-ryo 千両


Tower 5, #01-434

Tower 5, Suntec City

3 Temasek Blvd

Singapore 038983

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11am - 10pm


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Established in 1999 in Tochigo, Kanto region of Japan, sen-ryo has been serving authentic, exquisite, and exceptional Japanese creations.

Our dishes are the result of the masterful craftsmanship of our experienced 'shokunin' (artisanal) team, whose attention to detail ensures every dining experience is unforgettable.

Sen-ryo specialises in Edomae sushi, a traditional style of sushi that originated in Edo (now Tokyo).

We have a modern and elegant dining space that provides an inviting ambiance for our guests.

In addition to our speciality, we offer a wide variety of other Japanese dishes such as tempura, udon, and ramen.

Whether you prefer nigiri, sashimi, or rolls, our menu caters to all sushi enthusiasts.

From casual meals to special occasions, sen-ryo is committed to delivering a unique dining experience with each visit.