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Bruno Art Group ( is an international publishing house, committed to provide outstanding quality artwork of renowned Israeli and international artists.

Bruno Art Group is owned and run by Mr. Motti Abramovitz, third generation in the art and gallery business in Israel and Europe. The Abramovitz’s involvement with art started with the grandfather in the early nineteen hundreds in Europe. Having owned and run art galleries for the past three generations makes us particularly knowledgeable of customers special needs.

We offer original paintings and sculpture as well as limited edition serigraphs, produced by both unique silk-screen lithography and Giclee techniques. All serigraphs are available on paper wood or fabric, and are numbered and hand signed by the artists. Each piece is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity describing it and bearing artist and House signatures.

Our collections are currently available to wholesalers, art galleries and high-end design shops throughout the US, Israel and Europe and are auctioned on large cruise ships in the US, Israel and other countries.

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