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The interests and welfare of businesses along Orchard Road is key to what we do at Orchard Road Business Association (ORBA).

The organisation is split into a five-member office that manages daily operations and an executive committee comprising various stakeholders working pro-bono to set its direction and uphold the interests of ORBA members.

Since 1998, ORBA seeks to enhance and improve the business environment on what is now one of the world’s most acclaimed shopping, dining and entertainment precincts. Businesses along Orchard Road are promoted and facilitated on a timely basis, through events, business development, promotion and marketing.

Membership in ORBA is open to Orchard Road stakeholders, as well as non-stakeholders who have an affiliation to lifestyle businesses along Orchard Road. There are currently 121 members (as at time of print) in the Association, including the owners and managers of shopping malls, departmental stores, leading retailers, hotels and restaurants.

ORBA operates under the auspices of Singapore Tourism Board with its administration entrusted to an Executive Committee comprising some
 of Orchard Road’s key stakeholders.

ORBA initiates change with the aim to continually excite people and keep them coming back to the great street we believe Orchard Road to be.

ORBA also acts as the Place Manager of Orchard Road, assisting in its development, activities and other public issues. The Association represents members and through close collaboration with different stakeholders and authorities, addresses and resolves issues that affect the precinct.

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