Sealy Sleep Palace

Sealy Sleep Palace at Tanglin Place


Tanglin Place

91 Tanglin Rd

Singapore 247918

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday

10am - 9pm

Friday to Sunday

10am - 9:30pm


Furnishings / Housewares


Mon – Thurs: 10.00am till 9.00pm

Fri – Sun: 10.00am till 9.30pm

Sealy Asia was started in 2001 as a joint venture between Sealy Inc from the USA and Sealy of Australia. Today, Sealy Asia has territorial responsibilities over 11 countries in the region, namely: Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos and South Korea. The group has 5 established offices in HK, S’pore, Taiwan, Malaysia and Korea and distributors/dealers in Vietnam, Cambodia, Brunei, Indonesia and Philippines. The company has grown from strength to strength since 2001 and is now firmly established in the more mature economies like Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan as well as growing rapidly in the other countries.

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