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The Centrepoint

176 Orchard Rd

Singapore 238843

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10am - 8pm


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Welcome to WE ART - A Haven for Art Lovers of All Ages

Greetings to all who find solace and joy in the world of art! We are elated to open the doors of WE ART to the public on September 8th. Situated in the vibrant heart of Singapore, our art studio is a melting pot for artists across all ages and expertise levels. Whether you are an art novice or a seasoned practitioner, WE ART is your go-to destination for a rich and fulfilling art experience.


WE ART distinguishes itself with a rare and exquisite focus: Printmaking. This unique art form, not commonly found in regular art studios, makes us a standout destination for those eager to delve into uncharted artistic territories. Our studio is not just a space; it's a sanctuary for the curious and the bold, venturing beyond the boundaries of traditional art disciplines.

Our Diverse Class Offerings

Regular Classes

  • Little Explorers: Specially designed for young kids, this class is a playground for igniting the spark of art in your little ones.

  • Teen Art Class: A haven for teenagers to channel their emotions and thoughts into creative expression.

  • Adult Fine Art Class: Tailored for adults desiring to hone their artistry and elevate their skills.

  • Portfolio Class: Perfect for aspiring professionals seeking to craft an impressive art portfolio.

Workshops Looking for a one-off creative escape? Join our diverse workshops:

  • T-shirt Printmaking

  • Tote Bag Making

  • Art Jamming

  • K-pop Painting

  • ...and more!

Celebrate with Us: Special Opening Promotions

In celebration of our grand opening, we're excited to offer:

  • Free Consultation: Get expert advice and insights tailored to your artistic journey.

  • Special Character Painting Sessions: Unleash your creativity with vibrant characters.

  • 3-for-2 Workshop Promo: Bring friends or family along for an unforgettable art-making experience.

Meet Our Esteemed Instructors

At WE ART, you're in the hands of masters. Our instructors range from Ph.D. holders to seasoned art educators, encompassing international school teachers and university art lecturers. Experience learning from the crème de la crème of the art world.

Pricing and Accessibility

We believe in offering value and accessibility:

  • Free Trial Class: Start your artistic voyage with us at no cost.

  • Monthly Classes: Starting at 260 SGD.

  • Operation Hours: 10 AM to 8 PM. We fit into your busy schedule!

Location: At the Heart of Creativity

Find us at Centrepoint Orchard, an easily accessible hub in Singapore, and immerse yourself in a world where creativity knows no bounds.

WE ART is more than just a studio; it's a community, a place of learning, and a sanctuary for creativity. We're beyond excited to welcome you aboard this artistic journey. Step into WE ART, where every creation is a story waiting to unfold.

Your journey into the world of art begins here. WE ART – where creativity meets inspiration.