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Chikuyotei, with a distinguished history dating back to 1851, stands as a beacon of traditional Japanese culinary excellence. As one of the oldest and most revered names in Japanese cuisine, we are proud to have elevated traditional dining into an art form where visual appeal and taste are given equal importance.

A Culinary Journey Spanning Over a Century

Our journey began in the 19th century, and throughout our storied history, we have remained steadfast in preserving the rich traditions of Japanese cuisine. Chikuyotei specializes in Unagi (Japanese Eel) and has the honor of being the first Japanese Eel restaurant to receive a Michelin star in Japan. In 1992, we brought our legacy to the shores of Singapore, introducing our unique flavors and culinary craftsmanship to a new audience.

Sourcing Premium Ingredients

At Chikuyotei, the pursuit of perfection starts with our ingredients. We own a dedicated food sourcing company in Japan, allowing us to procure the freshest and highest quality ingredients. Our live catch comes directly from the ports, ensuring the utmost freshness. We pride ourselves on sourcing Grade A meats, including Kagoshima Kurobuta and Kagoshima Wagyu beef, known for their unparalleled quality. Our selection of Sake and Shochu is a testament to our commitment to quality, often sourced from remote breweries and distilleries across Japan.

Mastery in the Kitchen

Our chefs, with decades of experience and extensive training in Japan, are masters of their craft. With a deep understanding of traditional Japanese fine dining, they skillfully transform premium ingredients into extraordinary culinary creations. Our seasoned chefs, each boasting 15 years of training and experience, lead a brigade of cooks dedicated to crafting divine dishes that showcase masterful flavors.

Specializing in Unagi and Seasonal Omakase

Our specialty lies in our Tokyo-style Unagi and Seasonal Omakase. Our chefs' expertise in preparing Japanese eel has been refined over years, ensuring every dish is a testament to our culinary heritage. The Omakase experience at Chikuyotei is a journey through the seasons, with each dish reflecting the finest ingredients available at the time.

Our Mission: World-Class Dining Experience

At Chikuyotei Singapore, we are committed to providing a world-class dining experience. Our mission is to create memorable culinary moments that encourage our guests to return time and time again. From the ambience of our restaurant to the last bite of your meal, every detail is crafted with care and precision.

Join Us at Chikuyotei Singapore

We invite you to experience the legacy of Chikuyotei in Singapore – a place where traditional Japanese fine dining is celebrated, and every meal is a journey through history and flavor. Discover the essence of Japanese culinary art at Chikuyotei.

Welcome to Chikuyotei Singapore – where tradition meets culinary excellence. 🍣🌸🇯🇵

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