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At Moc Quan, we are passionate about bringing authentic Vietnamese street food to Singapore. Our journey began with a deep appreciation for the culinary art found on the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, where chefs have perfected their craft over a lifetime. Inspired by their dedication and skill, we embarked on a mission to learn from these street food masters and bring their secret recipes to our kitchen.

Authenticity in Every Bite

Our philosophy is simple: to recreate the vibrant flavors and memories of Saigon using the freshest ingredients, sourced directly from Vietnam. We believe in the authenticity of our food, which is why we personally fly to Vietnam every week to hand-carry ingredients back to Singapore. This commitment extends to every aspect of our cuisine, right down to the famous Banh Mi. We even imported an entire oven and specific flour from Vietnam to ensure our baguettes are as authentic as they are delicious.

More Than Just Pho

While Moc Quan is renowned for its Pho, our menu offers a diverse range of Vietnamese dishes. From Thit Kho – pork cooked in a tangy, spicy caramel sauce, to Luoi Vit – duck tongue braised in garlic basil sauce, and Dau Hu Chien Xa – deep-fried tofu with garlic and lemongrass. Our Mixed Beef Pho is a standout, featuring generous portions of vegetables, herbs, meat, and meatballs in a light yet flavorful broth.

The Signature Banh Mi Experience

Our Banh Mi is a testament to our dedication. The Bo Bit Tet Banh Mi, with marinated sliced beef and egg, is served in a baguette that's crisp on the outside and delightfully chewy inside. This perfection is a result of our imported oven and flour, ensuring an authentic Vietnamese taste.

Our Founder's Journey

Jeff Koh, our founder, has an intriguing story. Inspired by his Vietnamese wife and his time living in Vietnam, Jeff traded his dishwashing and knife skills for the recipes of street vendors. His dedication to capturing the essence of Vietnamese street cuisine is the heart of Moc Quan.

Moc Quan: A Simple Yet Authentic Restaurant

In Vietnamese, 'Moc' means simple and 'Quan' means restaurant – and that’s what we are at our core, a simple restaurant with a mission to bring authentic Vietnamese street food to our patrons. We've designed Moc Quan to be like a Vietnamese ‘Zi Char’ place, a casual eatery where everyone can enjoy the true taste of Vietnam.

Join Us for a Culinary Journey

We invite you to Moc Quan, where each dish is a celebration of the rich and diverse flavors of Vietnamese street food. Experience the authenticity and dedication that sets us apart, right here in the heart of Singapore.

Welcome to Moc Quan – where every meal is a journey to the streets of Ho Chi Minh.

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