Hometown Ma La Tang & Ma La Hotpot

Hometown Ma La Tang & Ma La Hotpot at Velocity @ Novena Square


Velocity @ Novena Square

238 Thomson Rd

Singapore 307683

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11am - 9pm





Ma La Xiang Guo, Ma La Tang is a 2016 start-up that is directly run locally.

To offer a distinctive Ma La cuisine experience while preserving the originality of the meal that is a local delicacy.

We provide Ma La soup bases that are drinkable and do not have a pungent or greasy taste.

We do this by constantly improving our soup bases in response to feedback from customers as well as research and development.

We are mindful that everyone has different dietary requirements and spice preferences.

For people who don't like spices, we also have various soup bases such Tom Yum, Pork Bone, Tomato, and Pickled Vegetable.

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