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Clarins is a prestigious luxury cosmetics brand established in Paris, France in 1954 by Jacques Courtin-Clarins. Courtin laid the foundations of modern aromatherapy on the belief that happiness was inextricably linked to beauty, a holistic vision which gave women the physical and mental freedom to pursue beauty. He pioneered the use of plant extracts for cosmetics which had streamlining contours and cellulite elimination properties. The emblematic French brand has since expanded to over 160 countries and 9,000 employees worldwide.

Clarins continuously pushes its boundaries to innovate, using over 250 plant extracts in the formulation of its products. From moisturisers to cleansers, Clarins products are infused with botanical extracts from Hazelnut, Harungana, Sweet Almond, Hibiscus and Macadamia. The chain’s arguably best-seller is the Clarins Double Serum, which is formulated from 21 plant extracts that stimulate 5 vital functions – Hydration, Nutrition, Oxygenation, Regeneration and Protection. Sustainability also lies in the heart of Clarins ethics. From raw materials used for packaging to its rare plant formulas, Clarins has an abiding respect for nature and the environment. In addition, raw materials are sourced in accordance with fair trade practices to protect local communities. Head down to Clarins at Westgate for exceptional skincare products formulated for optimal performance!