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Daniel Wellington

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Lot(s) 01-29A

Daily from 10.00am till 10.00pm



Founded in Stockholm, Sweden, Daniel Wellington was established by Filip Tysander in 2011 during his coincidental meeting with a British gentleman who wore a vintage watch on a decrepit NATO strap. Inspired by this minimalistic design, Filip took a pragmatic approach and refined the design with interchangeable straps. Since then, Daniel Wellington has expanded its horizons by establishing stores in regions such as Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and Australia.

Daniel Wellington articulates a brand characterised by simplicity and minimalism which emanate its Scandinavian roots. Without too many embellishments or details, the brand upholds a flawlessly streamlined heft on the wrist to enrich any outfit. The NATO strap was invented in the 1970s by the British Royal Navy. Daniel Wellington took this concept to the next level by adding an array of colours to suit whatever occasion or outfit you may have. Chronograph fanatics can customise their watches from 3 different sizes – 26mm, 34mm and 36mm. Furthermore, the bezel can be coated in either silver or rose gold to accentuate the timepiece’s classy vibe. The watches also feature interchangeable genuine leather and NATO straps. Head down to Daniel Wellington at Westgate for timeless accessories worn by men and women all over the globe.