Republic Plaza: The Culinary Gem in the heart of Raffles Place

Republic Plaza: The Culinary Gem in the heart of Raffles Place

by Edmund O'Connell on Oct 5 2023

Amidst the towering skyscrapers and fast-paced life of Singapore's Central Business District (CBD), lies an oasis of gastronomic wonders — Republic Plaza

Located in the middle of Raffles City, Republic Plaza stands at 280 metres tall and was Singapore’s highest skyscraper, a title it shared with the neighbouring One Raffles Place and UOB Plaza until Tanjong Pagar Centre dethroned them all. 

The plaza not only mirrors Singapore's commercial ascendancy but is also a vault of chill Eateries and upscale restaurants that can tantalise any palate.

When lunchtime rings in the district, a rich tapestry of flavours beckons the corporate brigade, promising an escape from the ordinary. If you are one of those who constantly seek foodie adventures, let's uncover the top culinary spots of this  gem hidden in plain sight.

1. Local Coffee People + Saigon Rolls

Experience the fusion of Vietnamese culinary finesse and local tastes. Explore an expansive range of rolls and genuine baguettes, while sipping on uniquely crafted local drinks.

Craft your Saigon roll to perfection, choosing from a variety of ingredients including lemongrass chicken, prawn, chicken floss, salmon avocado, and mixed mushrooms.

At Local Coffee People, enjoy familiar beverages with a unique twist. Savour traditional tea sweetened with honey or indulge in coffee enhanced with the rich flavour of Gula Melaka!

2. Sukhumvit 100

Tucked away in the heart of Singapore is Sukhumvit 100, a Thai haven offering a genuine taste of Thailand. Their beef boat noodles stand out, with a delectable blend of rich herbal soup, chewy noodles, and tantalising beef balls. 

Recognised as one of the top Thai restaurants in Raffles Place, Sukhumvit 100 promises an authentic experience.

As you dine, catch a glimpse of the chef masterfully preparing dishes, allowing you to savor the enticing aroma of Thai spices wafting through the air. Using fresh ingredients, every dish transports you to the streets of Thailand. 

Dive into an authentic Thai experience without leaving Singapore.

3. Bolonia

Embark on a flavourful journey to Spain right here. Dive into delightful dishes like the tempting Gambas al Ajillo or the rich Squid Ink Paella – every mouthful celebrates the art of Spanish cuisine.

Located in the heart of Raffles Place, we're a favorite spot for both the bustling professionals nearby and tourists wandering through downtown Singapore. 

Whether it's a quick breakfast, a relaxed lunch, after-work chill sessions, or fun dinners with friends of colleagues, we're here to serve.

Enjoy the fresh outdoor breeze or the snug warmth of our indoor setting. Our welcoming and modern ambiance fits any mood, be it a laid-back hangout, a romantic dinner, or a business meet.

4. Pita House

Step into the Pita House, where traditions seamlessly blend with taste. Since its inception in 2013, Pita House has been masterfully baking fresh pita breads, bringing a slice of the Middle East to the heart of the CBD. 

Every bite from their menu encapsulates a rich culinary heritage, with standout dishes like their vegan falafel and succulent chicken schnitzel.

While they cater to the cravings of meat enthusiasts, their vegan offerings don't take a backseat. 

Pita House proudly boasts its halal-certification, presenting an exotic menu that includes velvety hummus, smoky baba ghanoush, crispy falafel, and a plethora of other Middle Eastern delights. 

Halal certified.

5. The Herbal Bar

A haven for the health-conscious, Herbal Bar promises an array of soups that carry the warmth of home, rich in flavour from pristine ingredients and devoid of any additives.

The Herbal Bar is a 4th generation family run business with very interesting owners. 

6. Aussie Roll

This food hall newcomer from Chevron House entices with its freshly made rolls. Special mentions include salmon avocado and teriyaki chicken, each offering a burst of flavour.

With undefeated value with prices starting at just $2.80 per roll, aussie roll presents a quick and fast grab-to-go meal thats both satisfying and easy on the pocket. 

With generous fillings for favourites such as lobster and garlic king prawns, these really provide amazing value thats seemingly rare for a meal in the CBD.

7. IndoSoup Padang

Immerse yourself in a whirlwind of Indonesian delights. Ayam Penyet and Soto Rawon Surabaya are among the must-tries.

INDOSOUP Padang is a haven for those seeking Indonesian culinary treasures. Among its offerings, the Ayam Penyet and Soto Rawon Surabaya stand out as favourites.

Famed for bringing the genuine flavors of Indonesian home-cooked Padang meals, their menu tells a story of Indonesia's vast culinary landscape. It's a true testament to the nation's rich gastronomic traditions.

The dishes here reflect the proprietors dedication to authenticity and quality, ensuring that diners get a genuine taste of Indonesia with each visit.

8. Al Marche

A symbol of wholesome goodness in the city. Whether it's their customisable salads or the sumptuous Roast Beef Sandwich, every dish is a gourmet experience.

One of our favourite comfort food eateries around the CBD. We never tire of the absolutely satisfying sandwiches with a generous amount of melted port salut cheese. It is paired perfectly  with the tartness from the balsamic vinegar sandwiched between the rye bread Focaccia is good with this combination too.

9. Nalati

A serene garden oasis right in the middle of the city hustle. Nalati, located in the heart of the CBD at Republic Plaza, is a unique garden-themed restaurant where you can escape from the daily grind. 

As you step inside, you're greeted by an abundance of greenery, creating a calming atmosphere that makes the bustling business district fade away.

Spread over two floors in Republic Plaza, the restaurant's high ceilings and different views give a refreshing perspective of the CBD. Looking to host an event? 

The second floor boasts a spacious hall perfect for gatherings and business events, and of course, Nalati provides top-notch catering to match.

Offering a delightful mix of Western and Asian cuisines, Nalati has something for every palate. It's the perfect spot, whether you're looking for a casual meal, a business lunch, or planning a special event with a tailored dining menu.

* * *

Nestled within the iconic skyline of Singapore, Republic Plaza is more than just a bustling hub — it is a gastronomic paradise. Both locals and business travellers will find themselves spoilt for choice with a medley of flavours from around the world. The only lingering question as the lunch hour approaches is — which culinary journey will you embark on today?