Bugis Junction

Bugis Junction

Bugis is the bustling heart of Singapore’s Civic and Cultural District. And directly in it's centre lies the iconic Bugis Junction - standing as a beacon of modernity harmoniously intertwined with tradition. 

Initially known as Parco Bugis Junction, this shopping haven has transformed over the years into a vibrant lifestyle destination, offering a blend of contemporary retail palaces and charming historical shophouses.

A Walk Through History 

Developed by Parco Holdings and completed in July 1995, Bugis Junction has a rich history that adds to its allure. The complex seamlessly integrated three iconic streets: Bugis Street, Malay Street, and Hylam Street, covering them with glass and offering an air-conditioned shopping experience. 

This innovative concept not only preserved the essence of the old shophouses but also introduced a unique, comfortable shopping ambiance.

The mall underwent significant transformations over the years. Acquired by CapitaLand in 2005, Bugis Junction saw numerous revamps that further elevated its status as a premier shopping destination. 

By 2016, the mall had evolved, with its cinema making way for a gym and restaurants, and the video games arcade being replaced by an electronics and IT hub.

A Hub of Vibrancy and Diversity 

Together with Bugis+ and Bugis Street, Bugis Junction forms the heartbeat of Bugis Town. With a combined net lettable area of over 600,000 sq ft, these establishments offer endless retail, dining, and entertainment choices.

One can't help but be charmed by Bugis Junction's unique architecture, which features Singapore’s first and only air-conditioned sky-lit shopping streets. Historic shophouses and sidewalk cafes add an old-town feel to this contemporary shopping mecca. 

The integration of Bugis+ via an overhead link bridge has further cemented Bugis Junction's reputation as a must-visit shopping destination.

Seamless Connectivity 

Positioned as a modern fashion and lifestyle destination, Bugis Junction caters especially to young adults, professionals, and tourists. Its strategic location offers direct connectivity to the Bugis MRT Station, making it easily accessible. 

Additionally, the mall's close proximity to renowned institutions such as Singapore Management University and LASALLE College of the Arts further boosts its footfall.

A Diverse Shopping Experience 

With 231 tenants, Bugis Junction offers a myriad of shopping options. From the traditional mall setup to an open-air shopping district, it's a shopper's paradise.

The mall houses renowned tenants such as BHG (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., Cold Storage Singapore (1983) Pte Ltd, and Japan Foods Holding Ltd, ensuring a diverse range of products and services for every shopper.

Sustainable Future 

Committed to sustainability, Bugis Junction has been recognized with the BCA Green Mark Platinum award in 2021. This accolade underscores the mall's efforts in promoting eco-friendly practices and ensuring a greener future.

Nestled at 200 Victoria Street and boasting a leasehold tenure of 99 years from 1990, Bugis Junction stands as a testament to Singapore’s ability to merge history with modernity. 

With an annual shopper traffic of 27.9 million and a valuation of S$1,109.0 million as of December 2022, this mall remains a vibrant cornerstone in Singapore's retail landscape. Whether you're a seasoned shopper, a history enthusiast, or a casual visitor, Bugis Junction promises an experience like no other.