Nestled in the heart of Singapore's Bugis district, Bugis+, formerly known as Iluma, stands as a testament to modern architecture and urban development. A mere five-minute stroll from Bugis MRT station, this 10-storey shopping haven is an iconic attraction for both locals and tourists.

A Journey Through Time

Inaugurated in 2009 as Iluma, the mall began with much excitement and anticipation. But as time passed, the allure faded, leading to concerns from tenants about dwindling footfalls even though it's strategically located adjacent to the bustling Bugis Street. In a bid to revive the mall's popularity, several international artistes, including the likes of David Archuleta and Trace Bundy, graced its premises. Yet, challenges persisted.

A new chapter began for the mall in 2011 when CapitaMall Trust Management acquired it from Jack Investments for a whopping S$295 million. Under their aegis, significant revamps were undertaken, culminating in its rebirth in mid-2012 as Bugis+. This transformation wasn't just in name; a link bridge was introduced to connect the mall to Bugis Junction, another jewel in CapitaMall Trust Management's portfolio. This integration not only fostered convenience but also resulted in a combined shopping haven with a net lettable area exceeding 600,000 sq ft.

An Architectural Marvel

Designed by the illustrious WOHA, the mall's facade is an artful blend of light and illumination. Featuring a high-tech light and media facade, crafted in collaboration with Berlin-based media artists, realities:united, Bugis+ boasts a unique "crystal mesh" facade. This not only envelops the convex part of the building but also features brightly lit billboards, drawing inspiration from its proximity to arts venues and tertiary institutions.

Entertainment & More

Today, Bugis+ stands as a vibrant epicenter of entertainment, gastronomy, and fashion, attracting the city's trendy youths and fun-seekers. From the alluring FilmGarde Cineplex and Garena Stadium to the musical notes of Suites by K Box, there's never a dull moment here.

Situated strategically opposite Bugis Junction and connected seamlessly via an overhead link-bridge, accessing Bugis+ is a breeze. With an impressive annual shopper traffic of 21.0 million, it's no wonder that Bugis+ is a favorite amongst many.

Planning to visit? Dive into seven levels of retail and entertainment delights, complete with a multi-storey car park that offers direct access into the mall on levels 3 and 4.

Whether you're a local on the lookout for the latest trends or a tourist eager to explore Singapore's shopping scene, Bugis+ promises an experience like no other. With stores ranging from Uniqlo and Sephora to Adidas and Bershka, every visit guarantees something new.