Singapore, known for its vibrant and ever-evolving urban landscape, is home to a unique mixed-use development that has redefined the concept of shopping and leisure in the heart of the city. 

Funan, once known as Funan DigitaLife Mall, stands as a testament to innovative architecture, sustainability, and the seamless integration of technology and lifestyle. This article delves into the evolution of Funan Mall, its unique features, and its impact on Singapore's retail and lifestyle scene.

A Rich Heritage Transformed

Funan first opened its doors in January 1985 as Funan Centre, offering a fresh shopping alternative to the bustling Orchard Road. As the 90s dawned, it became a magnet for electronic and IT retailers, culminating in its reinvention as Funan The IT Mall in 1997 and later, Funan DigitaLife Mall. However, the march of progress necessitated a transformative approach, leading to its closure in 2016 for a complete redevelopment.

A New Vision: Funan Reimagined

CapitalMall Trust, the owner of the mall, envisioned a dynamic, multi-faceted space that would go beyond traditional retail. The new Funan was conceptualized as an "experiential creative hub," integrating retail, offices, serviced apartments, and public spaces. Notable for its forward-thinking design by Woods Bagot and RSP Architects, Funan now offers an unparalleled blend of technology, lifestyle, and community-focused amenities.

Key Features

  1. Cycling Lane and Sports Facilities: A first in Singapore, the 200-meter indoor cycling lane, along with facilities like futsal courts and a swimming pool, caters to the active lifestyle of urban dwellers.

  2. High-Tech Retail and Dining: The mall features a high-tech food court with conveyor belt systems and self-ordering kiosks, along with stores like Courts and Best Denki, which offer the latest in electronics and technology.

  3. Green Spaces: The Garden Stairs and rooftop urban garden, the largest in downtown Singapore, exemplify Funan's commitment to sustainability and wellness. These green spaces not only provide relaxation but also contribute to urban farming efforts.

  4. Cultural and Community Spaces: With an 18,000 sq ft theatre by W!LD RICE and spaces for local artisans and designers, Funan nurtures the arts and community engagement.

  5. Innovative Facilities: Facilities such as free Wi-Fi, mobile charging stations, and the Singapore Visitor Centre cater to both locals and tourists, enhancing the overall experience.

  6. Accessibility and Connectivity: The underground pedestrian link to City Hall MRT station ensures easy access, making Funan a convenient destination in the Civic District.


Funan has been recognized for its architectural and design excellence, winning awards like the SILA SEMEC Award and the ULI Global Awards for Excellence. These accolades reflect Funan's contribution to Singapore's urban landscape as a model of modern, sustainable development.

Funan Mall is more than just a shopping destination; it is a vibrant, multi-dimensional space that resonates with the pulse of Singapore's future. It stands as a beacon of innovation, sustainability, and community spirit, inviting visitors to experience a blend of retail, culture, and leisure unlike any other in the city. As Funan continues to evolve, it reinforces Singapore's status as a global city at the forefront of architectural and technological advancement.