Great World

Great World

Great World is the location where the past meets the present to create a vibrant and dynamic shopping and lifestyle experience. Formerly known as Great World City, our integrated property development is located just outside Orchard Road, at the heart of Singapore's Central Area. 

We pride ourselves on the concept of SHOP, STAY, WORK, seamlessly connected to offer visitors an unforgettable journey of shopping, dining, leisure, living, and community activities.

A Rich History

Our story begins with the vibrant Great World Amusement Park, one of Singapore's nightlife hotspots in the 1950s and 1960s. Originally known as Tua Seh Kai in Hokkien, meaning "great world," it was established on a humble 300,000 sq ft site in the 1930s by Lee Choon Yung. This amusement park offered a variety of entertainment, from free films to wrestling matches, becoming a cherished destination for families.

During World War II, the park transformed into a prison for Australian prisoners-of-war, but it later resumed its cultural shows and prospered during the 1950s rubber boom. Shaw Organisation, the owner during this period, invested in major upgrades, including wooden stalls, fountains, and carnival rides like the carousel and ferris wheel. The park even hosted renowned personalities like Elizabeth Taylor.

However, with the advent of television and the emergence of supermarkets and night roadside markets in the 1960s, the park's popularity dwindled. It eventually closed its doors in 1964, although cinemas and restaurants continued to operate until 1978.

Enterance to Great World Amusement Park circa 1940s

A Modern Transformation

In 1979, the park transitioned to a new era when it was acquired by Robert Kuok, a Malaysian Chinese business magnate, and later became the site for Great World City Shopping Centre. The journey to the vibrant shopping mall you see today was not without its challenges, including rezoning and renovations. But in late 2020, Great World Shopping Mall emerged as a modern, inviting space that continues to celebrate the spirit of the old Great World Amusement Park.

Discover the New Great World

As we continue to evolve, we welcome you to explore the new Great World Shopping Mall, where over 70 exciting tenants await your visit. Japanese supermarket Meidi-Ya, the picturesque PS.Cafe, and two eco-friendly lifestyle stores are just a glimpse of what we have to offer. Plus, the convenience of a new MRT station, opened in November 2022, ensures easy access to our mall.

We invite you to relish in the fusion of the past and present, as Great World Shopping Mall carries forward the legacy of Great World Amusement Park into a contemporary shopping and lifestyle destination. Join us in creating new memories and experiences as we embark on this exciting journey together.