Singapore's Shopping Gem in Jurong East, Jem Mall shines as a beacon of retail and lifestyle. Known to locals as Jurong East Mall, it's a sprawling suburban shopping paradise, symbolising the area's transformation.

Situated at 50 Jurong Gateway Road, Jem is uniquely linked to Jurong East MRT station and a hop away from the local bus interchange. Its spot at the crossroads of Jurong Gateway Road and Boon Lay Way makes it a key destination in western Singapore.

From Plans to Reality Jem overcame early challenges, opening on June 15, 2013, amid excitement. Drawing in over 10,000 visitors on its first day, it marked a new chapter in suburban retail.

jem-interior.jpgThe interior of Jem in Jurong East

The Unique Jem Experience More than a mall, Jem is an adventure. Spread over six floors with 241 stores covering 818,000 square feet, it blends shopping, dining, and entertainment. Big names like IKEA and H&M, plus diverse food choices, cater to all tastes.

Green Architecture at Jem Jem stands out for its eco-friendly design. It compensates for its environmental footprint with extensive greenery, including a three-floor Skypark - a haven for relaxation and learning about nature.

Lendlease played a crucial role in Jem's creation, not just in construction but in overseeing design, costs, and quality, bridging cultural gaps in the process. More than retail, Jem is a community cornerstone. Close to homes, hospitals, and other malls like Westgate, it's woven into the fabric of many Singaporeans' lives, offering a mix of shops, entertainment, and dining.

Since opening, Jem has buoyed the local economy, serving not just its immediate area but attracting visitors from all over, energising Jurong East.

Jem Mall is a testament to Singapore's evolving suburban retail scene. It's a fusion of shopping, community, and eco-consciousness, embodying modern Singapore's ethos. Whether you're shopping, dining, or just exploring, Jem offers something special for everyone.