Northpoint City

Northpoint City

Northpoint City, nestled in the heart of Singapore's Yishun area, tells a story of remarkable evolution and community connection. Since its opening in 1992, originally known as Northpoint Shopping Centre, this suburban gem has blossomed into a pivotal hub that beautifully blends shopping, transportation, and residential life.

A Glimpse into the Past

Back in November 1992, Northpoint City broke new ground as the first major suburban mall in northern Singapore. It quickly became a local favourite, featuring popular stores like Cold Storage, Swensen's, and Giordano. This initial success laid the foundation for what was to become a series of growth and transformation.

Evolving with the Times

Back in 2010, Northpoint City mall saw its first substantial renovation. But it was between 2017 and 2018 that Northpoint City truly reimagined itself. Not simply a name change, the mall massively expanded into a two-wing structure, creating a seamless blend with the Yishun Integrated Transport Hub and the Nee Soon Central Community Club. This was a pioneering move in Singapore, merging public facilities with commercial spaces.

Northpoint-City-and-North-Park-Residences.jpgAn aireal view of the sprawling Northpoint City, North Park Residences and Transport Hub

Today's Northpoint City

Now, Northpoint City is the largest shopping mall in northern Singapore, offering more than 1.3 million square feet of retail space to over four hundred stores. It's a place where variety and convenience go hand in hand. From the Yishun Public Library to the tranquil underground garden, everything is here. North Park Residences, a 920-unit condominium complex, adds a residential flavour into the mix of the retail and transport experience.

Getting There Is Easy

A key feature of Northpoint City is the ease with which you can move around it using transport. The mall is closely associated with the Yishun Integrated Transport Hub that has the MRT station and bus interchange symbolically brought together to link South Wing of mall to North Park Residences condominium.

This facility directly links Yishun MRT Station through a tunnel at Basement 2. There are many other popular public facilities in the area too such as Golden Village Yishun, Nee Soon Sports Centre, and others that can be easily reached. This makes for an easy flow, especially to the frequent visitors and customers.

Excellence & Innovative Design

Northpoint City's commitment to sustainability and innovative design has been recognised. The mall received the IES Illumination Award of Merit in 2021 for its outstanding outdoor lighting. Additionally, it has won accolades such as the BCA Green Mark Award – Gold Plus in 2017.

NorthpointCity_-Courtyard.jpgNorthpoint City's courtyard linking the North and the South wing

Looking to the Future

Despite challenges in the retail sector, with the emergence of e-commerce and COVID-19 impacting Northpoint City’s position. Changes and continued growth to serve its community mean that the foot traffic has remained stable The strategic combination of the tenants and facilities is getting more visitors every day.

Over the years, Northpoint City has grown from being a simple shopping center to become an urban modern hub indicating transformation and societal change driven by Singapore’s evolution. In this sense, Northpoint City has served as an epitome of innovation from its simplest roots to the modern multi-functional role into a center intersection for community life in northern Singapore.