Orchard Central

Orchard Central

Singapore is known for its vibrant shopping culture and is home to numerous malls, but Orchard Central stands out as a unique destination in the heart of the city's famed Orchard Road. Officially opened in 2009, this architectural marvel isn't just a shopping center—it's a dynamic blend of art, lifestyle, and retail therapy.

Architectural Mastery and Design

Orchard Central's design by DP Architects reimagines traditional mall layouts. As Singapore’s first vertical mall, it stretches across 12 floors above ground and includes 2 basement levels. The absence of a central atrium is a striking design choice, accentuated by a "super escalator" that transports visitors from street level directly to the fourth floor. The building’s extensive use of glass not only provides panoramic views of the bustling Orchard Road but also creates a bright, airy shopping environment.

A Shopping and Lifestyle Destination

With space for up to 400 stores, Orchard Central is a paradise for shoppers. It hosts the largest Uniqlo flagship store in Singapore, a 24-hour Don Don Donki marketplace, and Tokyu Hands, offering a diverse range of products from fashion to home goods. 

Alongside these retail giants, the mall features a collection of local and international brands tailored for young professionals, including Quicksilver, The Social Foot, and Audaash.

Culinary Delights and Rooftop Escapades

Orchard Central's dining options are as diverse as its shopping. The mall offers an array of international cuisines, from the traditional seafood dishes at Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant to modern vegetarian fare at Joie by Dozo. For those who enjoy al fresco dining, several restaurants are located in the Rooftop Garden, an idyllic escape with waterfalls and a bamboo grove.

Art and Nature Intertwined

Beyond retail and dining, Orchard Central houses an impressive Art Trail featuring works curated by the National Arts Council, valued at over SGD$9 million. This cultural journey is complemented by the Roof Garden and its 24-hour Discovery Walk, showcasing living walls and a biological pond, making it a green oasis in the heart of the city.

Convenience and Accessibility

Situated on the corner of Orchard Road and Killiney Road, Orchard Central is easily accessible, being just a 5-minute walk from the Somerset MRT station. The mall also caters to tourists, with facilities like a tourist information center, currency exchanges, and duty exemption services.

Engaging Experiences

Orchard Central goes beyond traditional shopping experiences. Visitors can participate in various activities, including exploring the Art Trail and enjoying discounts with Orchard Central’s 'discount passport.' The mall also directly connects to neighboring shopping centers like 313@Somerset and Orchard Gateway, providing an uninterrupted shopping journey.

Orchard Central is not just a shopping mall; it's a landmark of contemporary urban lifestyle in Singapore. Combining innovative architecture, diverse retail options, culinary delights, and artistic endeavours, it presents a refreshing take on the traditional shopping mall experience. 

Whether you're a local resident or a tourist, Orchard Central promises an unforgettable visit, proving itself to be a highlight of Singapore’s vibrant Orchard Road.