Orchard Gateway

Orchard Gateway

Located in the heart of Singapore's shopping district, Orchard Gateway emerges as a modern retail marvel, an epitome of style and sustainable architecture. Connecting Orchard Central and 313@Somerset, it stands as a brilliant fusion of shopping, dining, work, and leisure - all within the hustle and bustle of Orchard Road.

A Glance into Its History

Orchard Gateway's journey began when it was announced on 21 March 2012. Jointly developed by Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation, United Engineers Limited, and Far East Organization, it was built on a land once occupied by the Specialists' Shopping Centre, Phoenix Hotel, and Orchard Emerald. Despite initial plans to open in November 2013, the mall officially threw open its doors on 26 April 2014.

The architectural design of Orchard Gateway, an exquisite piece of art, was shaped by the world-renowned Tange & Associates. Not only does the mall serve as a shopping haven, but it's also a part of an integrated development encompassing a hotel, an office tower, and another shopping mall, orchardgateway@emerald, located just opposite.

Exquisite Facilities

The mall boasts a whopping 180,000 square feet of retail space spread across six levels, housing both national and international brands. Notable brands like Crate & Barrel, Religion, Swatch, Nike’s new concept stall - Amplify Women's, and the NLB library, library@orchard, have found a home here.

Orchard Gateway is not just another retail space; it's a testament to innovation. Sustainable features include the ability to harness bio-gas from composting food waste, a car-park guidance system to minimize exhaust emissions, and ultraviolet emitters in air-handling units enhancing air quality.

Hotel Jen

Perched above Orchard Gateway is Hotel Jen, managed by Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts. With 500 plush rooms, the hotel connects to the office tower through a glass tubular overhead bridge, further amplifying the integrated development concept of Orchard Gateway.

A Unique Shopping Experience

Orchard Gateway doesn't merely offer shopping; it offers an experience. An entire floor dedicated to men's fashion and lifestyle sets it apart from other malls. The underground retail street showcases popular blogshops, and the 60-meter lighted fashion runway and fashion-inspired pop art benches within the mall amplify its fashion quotient.

Accessibility and Connectivity

Directly linked to Somerset MRT station, Orchard Gateway provides unmatched accessibility. The street-level Discovery Walk connects it to adjacent malls like 313@Somerset and Orchard Central. The mall also boasts a glass overhead bridge and underpass, ensuring uninterrupted shopping experiences, rain or shine.

Award-winning Architecture

Orchard Gateway's architecture is a masterpiece. The 21-storey main building and the 11-storey Orchard Gateway @ Emerald are connected by a glass link bridge. Both structures present an iconic silhouette of diagonally-opposite curved towers, making Orchard Gateway the only mall straddling both sides of Orchard Road.

In recognition of its sustainable features and environmentally-friendly design, Orchard Gateway was honored with the Building and Construction Authority’s Green Mark Platinum Award, Singapore's highest accolade for green building standards.

Orchard Gateway stands as an emblem of modern shopping experiences, seamlessly integrating retail, leisure, and work, all while championing sustainability. Whether you're a shopaholic, a foodie, or just someone in search of a unique urban experience, Orchard Gateway awaits you.