Paya Lebar Quarter

Paya Lebar Quarter

In the heart of Paya Lebar, where urban sophistication meets cultural heritage, stands the Paya Lebar Quarter (PLQ) - a harmonious blend of modern design and time-honored tradition. 

This S$3.6 billion landmark development is not just a mere mall but a living testament to sustainable urban living and community-centric design.

Where Architecture Meets Culture

Drawing inspiration from its cultural roots, PLQ is a homage to the rich heritage of Paya Lebar. The entire development, with its gold-and-silver hues, is influenced by the Songket fabric, a traditional Malay brocade textile. This design choice acts as a symbolic bridge between the past and the present, weaving the different facets of the Quarter into a cohesive tapestry.

A Hub for Retail and Recreation

Home to over 200 diverse retail outlets, PLQ is poised to redefine the shopping experience in the east. Movie enthusiasts can revel in cinematic delights at Shaw Theatres, which boasts 12 halls, including an IMAX theatre equipped with state-of-the-art laser projection technology.

Foodies are in for a treat with a plethora of dining options available, from international chains like South Korea's Mom’s Touch and Taiwan's Fong Sheng Hao, to homegrown favorites like TungLok Seafood and Duckland. Moreover, the mall will introduce several novel concepts to Singapore, including Hayai, Wursthans Switzerland, and Lucky Bird.

Craft enthusiasts will find solace in stores like Komma, which offers DIY craft supplies and workshops. Families, too, are catered to with fun spaces such as Smigy Kids’ Indoor Play and Sing My Song Family Karaoke.

PLQ Plaza: The Social Heartbeat

More than a commercial hub, PLQ is a living, breathing entity that encourages community interaction. The PLQ Plaza, with its year-round events and activities, serves as a vibrant social nexus. From alfresco sunbathing to participating in community festivals, the Plaza is where memories are made and shared.

Sustainability and Urban Living

Beyond its retail and recreational offerings, Paya Lebar Quarter is also an epitome of sustainable urban living. Comprising three towers, Park Place Residences provides homes that blend the laid-back charm of the east with the bustling energy of city life. This seamless integration of residential, commercial, and recreational spaces underscores PLQ's commitment to creating a holistic living environment.

Reimagining Connectivity

Strategically positioned at the crossroads of business and leisure, PLQ is an integral part of the Singapore Urban Redevelopment Authority’s vision of a dynamic business hub. Whether it's exploring the rich cultural tapestry of Joo Chiat and Katong or navigating the expansive precincts of the Quarter, PLQ ensures an immersive and inspiring experience.

Paya Lebar Quarter is more than just a mall; it's a testament to the harmonious coexistence of modernity and tradition. 

Tony Lombardo, CEO for Asia at Lendlease, captures the essence of PLQ aptly: "PLQ is a great showcase of Lendlease’s core expertise in urban regeneration and placemaking, combining quality retail, entertainment, and lifestyle options with community-centric spaces that resonate with the rich heritage and culture of the area."

In PLQ, Singapore has a space where the city truly meets a world of endless possibilities.