Suntec City

Suntec City

Located at Marina Centre, a busy subzone of the Downtown Core in Singapore is Suntec City which exemplifies modern architectural innovation and city planning. It is a massive mixed-development that has gracefully integrated the large shopping mall, modern office buildings and innovative convention center.

From conception to completion

The building of Suntec City, the realisation of a dream, began on January 18th four years ago. Five years of hard work led to the creation this wonder on July 22, 1997. As a step towards enriching the Marina Centre, this grand project was first announced by the government of Singapore on December 17, 1987. With a competitive bidding process, Suntec City Development emerged victorious as consortium fronted by prominent tycoons including RunRun Shaw Li Ka-Shing and Frank Tsao.

Feng-shui Architectural Wonder

The famed Tsao & McKown Architects is the architect behind Suntec City—an example in architecture that feng shui principles are meticulously followed. The intricate, consisting of five structures and a convention hall, is organized aerially in the form of left hand with the Fountain Wealth placed like a gold ring to it palms. This design is unique, based on the lucky Chinese name “新达” that means new success and reflects balance and wealth.

suntec-interior.jpgThe vast interior of Suntec City MallConvention and Exhibition Centre

This marked a rebranding for the convention center, which had opened in August 1995 but saw its major rebirth come four years later. It has 100, 00 square meters space and allows holding of large-scale events like Wikimania23. This venue has hosted many international events ranging from the Summer Youth Olympics to global conferences.

The Vibrant Suntec City Mall

While Suntec City Mall was one of the largest shopping malls in Singapore, it reigned alone as a retail giant until VivoCity’s opening in 2006. It has a spectacular 360 outlets spread across four floors, which are organized into separate zones to provide visitors with an exceptional shopping experience. The mall where luxury brands and entertainment options become more diverse culinary amalgamates.

Office Towers:  The Business Backbone

Suntec City’s the office segment is as impressive as its retail counterpart. Five towers of different heights together with about 2.3 million square feet office space accommodate multiple diplomatic missions and multinational corporations. These towers similar to fingers of a hand reinforce the unique design philosophy which embodies this complex.

Accolades and Global Recognition

The achievement of Suntec City is not merely an architectural and urban planning marvel; it has also won a conglomerate awards including the FIABCI Prix d’ Excellence in 1998. This award recognizes its success in real estate development and how it has improved Singapore’s urban face.

Accessibility and Convenience

Sitting Just next to City Hall MRT station, Suntec city is a centre point of accessibility. Going to this monument by car, train or bus is easy. Its location in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District keeps it as a magnet for both locals and visitors alike.

Suntec City is a showcase of Singapore’s mastery in urban design and development. It is a blend of business and leisure as well cultural ethos and still attracted millions of visitors every year. The best of what Singapore has to offer is not only the destination but also an experience for new achievements and possibilities.