Beauty in The Pot


#05-14 & 05-16

The Centrepoint

176 Orchard Rd

Singapore 238843

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11:30am - 3am


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At Beauty in The Pot, savour the perfect blend of health and beauty with every pot of steaming soup.

Our hotpot concept is inspired by the culture of food for health, offering six nourishing soup bases that promise rich flavors and abundant benefits.

Our team of chefs artfully prepares all ingredients to seamlessly match with the rich and flavorful soup bases, ensuring maximum enjoyment for our customers.

Indulge in our sumptuous menu of fresh ingredients and homemade specialties paired with our dense and nutrient-rich beauty collagen soup or our spicy nourishing soup, available in three levels of spiciness.

Let us amaze you with the perfect harmony of flavours and nutrition, leaving you feeling nourished and beautiful inside out.