Velocity @ Novena Square

Velocity @ Novena Square

Velocity @ Novena Square is located in the heart of , and it serves as a symbol for contemporary living. This mixed-use project consists of leisure, retail and office spaces as well creating a vibrant urban environment.

Sporting Facilities

Velocity has its built-in retail mall on the three floors which is dedicated to sports and active lifestyle enthusiasts. The mall was designed for sports enthusiasts and active people by the UOL Group Limited, which is its operator.

One of the noteworthy amenities that Velocity boasts is an outdoor basketball court, which is available for public use on a first-come, first-served basis. In addition, the mall has also shown its commitment to championing an active lifestyle by providing soccer tables and a 24-hour business center for fitness enthusiasts at all times.

Shopping and Dining Experience 

Velocity, however is not only about sports but provides a total shopping experience with over 180 shops on its five levels. Moreover, the mall has a food court and several educational institutions. indeed, people having an appetite for sweets would find pleasant treats from the mall’s bakery.

Accessibility and Connectivity 

Velocity is positioned right above Novena MRT Station for convenient access. It is near a number of bus stops, being an accessible point. The mall is also accessible from big expressways like the PIE and CTE.

Architectural Brilliance 

Velocity@Novena Square architecture is a reflection of its dynamic nature. The exterior is dressed in a vivid metal clad wrap, with its structural entrance of curving yellowish green colour. It was meant to represent the spirited nature of sports and fitness world. The wavy facade not only contributes to the aesthetic of the mall but also serves as an element that connects it with the surrounding towers and MRT station.

The design includes a large glazing block that sticks out from the wrapping acting as both a sky dome and commercial window frontage. That this feature is a bath of natural light on the expanded podium defines two internal atria and marks off the main circulation spine, which links to office lobbies and pedestrian areas.

Velocity @ Novena Square with it's two real estate towersVelocity @ Novena Square with it's two real estate towers 

A Healthcare and Educational Hub

Northeast of HealthCity Novena, Velocity enjoys closeness to many hospitals and medical facilities. This decrease in the distance makes it a perfect place for health practitioners and travellers to visit. Recently, educational institutions are also well represented in the area as several primary and secondary schools alongside Catholic junior college.

Creating Active Lifestyle Spaces

This carefulness in design touches upon the outdoor plaza and atria that are envisioned as active spaces on a civic level. These regions intertwine smoothly with the urban environment and encourage visitors to interact more deeply in this space.

A Hub for Sports Enthusiasts 

Standing as Singapore’s first ever sports mall, Velocity@Novena Square has a large number of sport facilities and gym equipment in top quality levels amongst several other retail outlets focusing on sports. This particular emphasis on sports and health is quite different from the other retail establishments in Singapore.

Looking to the Future 

The first phase of Velocity comprises two office towers, which add to the area's commercial appeal. The development is anticipated to expand over the next decade, especially with its proximity to Health City Novena. This expansion is expected to boost residential and commercial demand in the area.

Velocity @ Novena Square stands as a testament to Singapore's evolving urban landscape. It's not just a shopping mall; it's a lifestyle destination that perfectly blends sports, leisure, and convenience. Whether you're looking to shop, dine, or engage in active sports, Velocity offers an experience like no other in the heart of Singapore.