Wheelock Place

Wheelock Place

Centrally located on the intersection of Orchard and Scotts Rd, Wheelock Place lies at the very beating heart of Singapore's shopping Mecca. Instantly recognisable, the mall stands proudly as a symbol of style and convenience. A standout architectural gem with its unique conical dome that's more than just a pretty facade. Inside, the mall is a gateway to a luxurious world of shopping, dining, and business.

A Haven for Shoppers
Stepping into Wheelock Place and you enter into a shopping paradise. Spread across the lower seven floors, Wheelock Place is a veritable maze of high-end retail stores, high end  services, and mouth-watering dining options. 

Marks & Spencer, the anchor tenant, calls this mall it's Singapore home, offering everything from trendy fashion to gourmet food. And for those looking after their eyes, there's the Shinagawa Eye Centre.

Gastronomic Delights
It's not all retail therapy at Wheelock Place - the culinary offerings are a dream for any food aficionado. Craving Japanese? Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Café has got you covered. Bookworms can rejoice too - Zall Bookstore isn't just about books; it's a cultural feast, and it's been spicing up the mall's offerings since 2021.

Wheelock Place's famous curved escalatorsWheelock Place's famous curved escalators

An Architectural Icon
Kisho Kurokawa, a mastermind in architecture, dreamed up Wheelock Place's iconic design. Its distinctive conical facade has become a local landmark, nearly as distinctive as Tang's which it faces across the road. The spiral escalator, a first in Singapore, adds to the allure of the mall's interior.

Above this retail wonderland sits an office tower, a hub for multinational corporations. It's this mix of business and leisure that gives Wheelock Place its unique buzz, its vibrant energy.
An underpass directly connects to Ion Orchard and Shaw Centre. And the Orchard MRT is just a brief stroll, right from the basement level.

The subterranean entrance to Wheelock Place from the MRTWheelock Place's subterranean entrance from the MRT

Part of a Bigger Picture
In 2019, Wharf REIC spotted the potential of this prime piece of Singapore real estate and, added it to their portfolio along with Scotts Square mall. It's a testament to Wheelock Place's significance in the retail scene of Orchard Road.

Looking Forward
As Orchard Road evolves, Wheelock Place is right there, leading the charge. It's more than shops and offices; it's a lively community hub. It's where quality, style, and convenience come together.

If you're chasing the latest trends, a bite to eat, or just a spot to take a breath in the midst of the Orchard Road rush, Wheelock Place is waiting for you. Here, lifestyle, and sustainability aren't just words - they're a way of life.